Last Chance to Register! UDL and Literacy Symposium

Last chance to register engage 2 learn u d l and literacy symposium

This professional learning event invites educators to engage in a rich exploration of evidence-based practices in literacy education, emphasizing the critical connections between the science of reading principles and the inclusive framework of UDL. This conference is a unique opportunity for educators to deepen their expertise, exchange insights, and gain practical tools that empower educators to create inclusive and effective learning environments.

Keynote Speakers, include: 

  • Kari Yates, Co-Author of Shifting the Balance
  • Dr. Jan Hasbrouck, Author of several publications, specializing in the Science of Reading and Dyslexia
  • Chris Bronke, teacher, presenter, and leader in the areas of Universal Design forLearning  and Literacy
  • Jina Poirier, Co-Author of Universal Design for Learning in English Language Arts
  • Nancy Young, Co-Author of Climbing the Ladder of Reading and Writing
  • Kionna Squires, an evidence-based reading educator committed to using the science of reading

Additional breakout session speakers will be announced at a later date.

All educators welcome! 

Registration Now Open!

Event Date: June 17-19 from 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

  • LEA Staff: Participation only: $300, Relicensure credit: $335
  • GWAEA Staff: Participation only: $0, Relicensure credit: $35