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Grant Wood Area Education Agency offers opportunities for professional learning to enhance educator skills and practices and improve student learning. AEA Professional Learning Registration System Arrow

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Mandatory and non-mandatory training is available through AEA Learning Online Training Login Arrow NOTE: your login will be the same login used for the AEA training system (i.e. the one that you likely use for blood borne pathogen and other annual training.)

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Learn more about micro-credentials Arrow Micro-credentials are asynchronous learning opportunities that allow participants to decide which element or elements best suit their personal, professional practice. This grants participants more freedom in earning their license renewal credits!  



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Building Bridges Accessible and Assistive Technology Conference

Building Bridges 2021 -- From Surviving to Thriving
Learn more about the upcoming 2021 conference.



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Need to contact our Professional Learning Team? Kim Novotny Administrative Assistant/Registrar (Instructors) 319-399-6771 Ann Finneman Administrative Assistant/Registrar (Participants) 319-399-6767 Nicole Brown Professional Development Coordinator 319-399-6517 Andrea Townsley Grant Wood AEA Micro-credential Facilitation