Social studies

Social Studies

Grant Wood Area Education Agency provides support in developing Social Studies units based on the new Iowa Social Studies standards. Staff are available to assist in gathering supplemental materials through the Grant Wood AEA media center, lesson development, and unit design.

​Grant Wood AEA Canvas Course:

The Grant Wood AEA Social Studies team has created a free open-enrollment Canvas course to assist educators in reviewing, exploring and implementing the new Iowa Social Studies standards. Iowa Core Social Studies Course Highlights of the Grant Wood AEA Canvas Social Studies course include:

  • Personalized Navigation: Individual modules in any sequence depending on the needs of the individual or group.
  • Interactive Components: The course includes discussion opportunities for participants to ask questions (to fellow educators and to the GWAEA Social Studies team members).
  • Sharing Opportunities: The course also has provisions for sharing units and lessons. We often have requests for what are other districts doing, can we see examples used in the classroom, what resources are being used. The two choices do share many common ideas and links.
  • Additional Resources: In addition to the content being shared in regards to navigating and implementing the standards, there are a variety of resources shared within the course to support a deepened understanding of unpacking standards, creating proficiency scales and navigation usage rights, as well as links to resources to use with students.

If teachers already have a Grant Wood AEA Canvas account, they can self-enroll in the course. Alternatively, if educators do not have a GWAEA Canvas account, they can sign up here and use the following join code: TFGELM. This course is not graded and not being offered for relicensure or graduate credit.


Support for Implementation and Resources

For any further questions about implementation of these resources, please contact one of the Grant Wood AEA Social Studies team members:

Important contacts

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