Special Education and ACHIEVE Updates


Need help navigating the ever changing world of ACHIEVE? This page will be frequently updated with important tips and links to help make your life as a special education educator easier!

New ACHIEVE Resources: (Updated Nov. 9, 2023)

A few resources have been created to walk staff members through aspects of the ACHIEVE process that may be confusing.

ACHIEVE Reminders and Updates

A reminder that the Systems and Release Notes will be updated regularly throughout the year and can be found on the bottom left hand side of your ACHIEVE dashboard:
Key Details:

IVRS ACHIEVE Access now requires consent to release information. Learn more from this document.
Early ACCESS Evaluation and Assessment Summary of Changes. (Updated Aug. 18, 2023) Learn more from this document.

August i3 Updates

  • Key details.
    • Updated requirements for homeschooling/dual enrollment and updated Form A.
    • Updates procedural safeguards and updated summary talking points.
Guidance for Adding Learners to GWAEA PowerSchool 

  • Includes the required form and FAQs


Upcoming Trainings

New Hire ACHIEVE training

This training for new special education teachers is a learning package that was developed through a partnership between the Iowa Department of Education and Area Education Agencies with the objective of providing consistent, statewide training.

Learn more about upcoming dates on this page.