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Computer Science is Everywhere: CS Ed Week is Coming!

Mark your calendar for the week of December 6, 2021 so you can take advantage of the resources, events, and opportunities to partner with community & business partners to celebrate CS Ed Week this year! We’ll be sharing new resources every Monday in November and will make announcements about events and partnerships early in November!


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  • Computer Science is Everywhere: Try it in Different Settings

  • Assisting Individuals & Groups in Crisis

  • Blending Science: Explore the Intersection of Standards and Instruction

How we help educators, students & families

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    Supportive staff

    One of the reasons Grant Wood AEA is given the title of top Iowa workplace so often is thanks to the supportive staff at the agency.

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    Keeping students on track

    Grant Wood Area Education Agency staff researched high leverage resources from the Iowa Department of Education in order to best support area educators in accelerating student learning following the pandemic.

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    Professional Learning

    Grant Wood AEA offers opportunities for professional learning to enhance educator skills.

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    Guidance for Parents

    Resources, specialized training and support helps families in their efforts to reduce barriers to their students' learning.

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What we are proud of

Top Workplace

Grant Wood Area Education Agency has been rated a top workplace seven years in a row.


Percent of our budget went to special education services in 2020.


Area teachers received professional training through Grant Wood AEA last year.


public school districts across 7 counties are served by Grant Wood AEA.

We’ve been working with your services since our daughter was very young. Grant Wood AEA performed screenings for her, and spent time explaining to us the ‘why’ behind the tests and what the results meant, and that’s very helpful information for a parent.