Computer Services

Technology Solutions for Districts

Grant Wood Computer Services provides software solutions to Iowa AEA’s and LEA’s. Software includes Infinite Campus and PowerSchool student records, Grant Wood AEA Accounting and Payroll, On-Line Assessment, IMS, network support, as well as other software programs, custom programming, consulting, and support for all applications.

Business Applications

Business Applications

Business Applications Master Login
• Grant Wood Finance
• Grant Wood Payroll
• Grant Wood Personnel
• Purchase Order System

Payroll Time Card Login

Student Applications

Student Applications

Infinite Campus Services
319-399-6500 or 800-332-8488

PowerSchool Services
319-399-6774 or 800-798-9771, ext. 6774

Web IIP (Iowa I-Plan)

Support Services Contact Information

School IT Services

GWAEA Tech Help Desk
(319) 399-6738

Payroll & Financial Accounting- Consulting

Gene Lawson
(319) 399-6724

Jen Fjelstad
(319) 399-6772

Vanessa Raue
(319) 399-6798


Sheryl Dolley
(319) 399-6761

Managed Services

Full managed technology services uniquely partners the agency’s digital learning and IT services teams to work with your district and provide you with the vision, integration and technology management that will lead to success.

These services are scalable to provide your district with remote and on-site services when you need them at a cost lower than what you would spend to staff in house. This is a full-service solution that provides management for network infrastructure, devices, planning, e-rate, vendors, off-site backup, Google Apps management and more.

Costs for these services are tailored for each district based on the support needed. Contact Jason Marshall at Grant Wood AEA for a custom proposal for your district via phone at 319-399-6408 or email at

  • Consistent Costs
    Set monthly cost for all your technology needs. Service scales up as needed, but your cost stays the same.
  • Expertise
    By using Grant Wood AEA Full Managed Technology Services you will have access to the level of expertise you need to support your district at a cost that is significantly lower than what you spend in-house.
  • Vision
    By partnering our IT Services team with our Digital Learning team you will benefit from a unified vision of how your technology infrastructure supports learning. This model will ensure that your technology decisions are educationally sound decisions.