Blended & Personalized Learning

Blended Learning as a Pathway to Personalization uses a blend of research-based instructional practices with technology-supported content and resources to personalize learning using real time learner data. Personalized learning is tailored to each student’s strengths, needs and interests. It enables learner voice and choice in what, how, when, and where learning occurs; in order to ensure rigorous learning and achieve college and career readiness standards.

District Spotlight: Tipton Pilots Next Phase of GWAEA Pathways for Personalization Effort

GWAEA’s support for blended learning has taken a new shape as it continues to gain steam in our area.

Grant Wood AEA launched a blended learning pilot in 2014 with nine teams in five districts with a focus on using blended learning as a pathway to personalized learning. The agency continues to build on that model, and has led more than 200 educators from 12 school districts in professional learning opportunities devoted to learning more about blended and personalized learning.

“We know that the teachers are key to the successful implementation of blended learning,” commented Regional Administrator Shane Boeve, who helped support the launch of Tipton’s project, “and we’ll continue building capacity with our educators. But some of our participating districts have seen almost 100 percent turnover in the staff who have been trained on blended or personalized learning over a few year’s time.”

As the agency looks at sustainably supporting districts with this work, this year we’ve partnered with Tipton to see what the work might look like when you work at blended learning from a system level. The project is based on Pathways to Personalization, an innovative five-step framework to help school leaders and teacher teams design and implement blended and personalized learning initiatives based on local needs and interests.

“The principal has always been engaged in this work, but our Pathways project includes a broader base of administrators and includes the superintendent, principals, instructional coaches, teachers, and brings student and the parent voice to the effort. Pathways is ensuring all the voices at the table help determine how to create a learning environment that’s more engaging for students,” said Shane.

By engaging so many entities in the ‘design’ phase of the personalized learning process, Tipton educators are redefining their reasons for personalized learning, determining success criteria, and measuring outcomes from their efforts.

“Our goal with the Pathways partnership is to create building and district paths to personalization that we can replicate and scale,” commented Shane.

Grant Wood AEA districts interested in learning more about collaborating with the AEA in this area should contact the AEA for more information.

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