Autism Resources

Understanding and supporting students on the spectrum

Grant Wood Area Education Agency’s autism core team provide a variety of services to support students on the autism spectrum and the staff who work with them.

These services include: agency inservices, on-site inservices, team consultation, student observation, attend IEP meetings, functional analyses, educating peers about autism, and a variety of other services to help support individuals in the autism spectrum and the staff working with them.

The team helps educators with research-based resources and strategies that also may be helpful for parents and families.

Contacting the Grant Wood AEA Autism Core team

Educators should contact the Grant Wood AEA support personnel within their specific building to contact the GWAEA Autism team. They will be able to share with you how to access the autism consultant for students with and without an IEP.

Contact Grant Wood AEA's Autism Team

Additional Autism Resources

  • BOAST Seminar Recordings:
    The Grant Wood Area Education Agency autism team members have created Zoom-based webinar sessions that  can be accessed on-demand. In each 30-minute session, viewers will learn a few strategies for various challenges related to learners with ASD or others with diverse thinking styles. Recordings of sessions are now available to be viewed at any time from the comfort of your home.
  • Autism Newsletter:
    Grant Wood AEA consultants will use newsletters to highlight information from the Department of Education, showcase district success stories, and promote upcoming professional development opportunities. Subscribe to the Autism Newsletter today!