• PLC at Work Coaching Academy 2023: Achieve a New Level of Leadership

    SESSION FOCUS Structured to train school leadership teams to lead the PLC at Work® process in their building, each session begins with… Read More

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    Effective Leadership to Support Successful PLC+s

    Successful PLC+ implementation is a journey, not an event. There are many challenges and obstacles PLC+ teams will face throughout their journey. How leaders support… Read More

  • Social, Emotional, Behavioral Health (SEBH) Learning Opportunities

    While sometimes the language and terms can be intertwined and confusing, there is a growing focus in districts on supporting social, emotional and behavioral health… Read More

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    PLC + Workshop

    PLC+ Foundation Days: Two-day workshop Start your PLC+ journey with a two-day foundational workshop designed for participants to increase their knowledge of PLCs. This learning… Read More