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    Pear Deck in a BLENDED Classroom

    The goal of a blended classroom is to work to personalize instruction for students. This is a lofty goal and there are many levels of… Read More

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    Pear Deck in a Classroom…Takeaways

    Special Note: This blog is about the Premium Pear Deck Feature of Takeaways in Pear Deck. All Grant Wood AEA Schools have access to the… Read More

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    Making Pear Deck a More Inclusive Experience

    Our students learn in a variety of ways. Adding audio can be a great way to make your Pear Deck more powerful and engaging. Audio… Read More

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    Whose Pace? Instructor or Student? (And a Pear Deck in a Classroom)

    Pear Deck offers two amazing ways to facilitate & manage learning for students: Instructor- Paced & Student-Paced modes. “Instructor-Paced Mode” is set-up for synchronous instruction… Read More

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    An Intro to Premium Pear Deck

    Google Slides just got better! Pear Deck Premium was recently purchased for all of our Iowa educators as an excellent add-on for… Read More

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    Blending Science: Explore the Intersection of Standards and Instruction

    In this predominantly asynchronous course, participants will learn about the design and implementation steps to launch blended practices in the classroom with a focus… Read More

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    Collaborative Learning Community | Blended & Personalized Learning

    Blended and Personalized classrooms have learners who feel safe, valued and recognized. These learners understand what they are learning and why they are learning it. Read More

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    An Introduction to the Four Tenets of Blended & Personalized Learning

    Grant Wood AEA’s Blended and Personalized Learning team invites you to a webinar series digging into the four tenets of… Read More

  • Think, Make, Innovate: Reflection

    “We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.”― John Dewey Reflection is a key part of processing and allowing ourselves… Read More

  • Light Up Thinking with Red Light, Yellow Light

    Red Light, Yellow Light is a powerful thinking routine when students encounter ‘puzzles of truth.’ Students are provided with tools to navigate through editorials,… Read More