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    Chrome Extensions That Meet Students’ Needs: Building Bridges 2022

    Wondering about options for Chrome Extensions that might meet different student needs? Denise Henry-Orndorff, an instructional coach from Frederick County Schools, put a variety of… Read More

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    Coming Soon! Iowa’s AEAs Continue to Add Digital Resources for Students and Educators

    Iowa’s AEAs provide students and educators with no-cost access to high-quality, vetted digital resources. They are proud to announce their lineup… Read More

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    Researching with Elementary Students: Tips and Tricks

    Even our youngest students can be engaged in researching topics of interest on the internet. The stigma of ‘digital natives’ rears its ugly head (once… Read More

  • Iowa has Computer Science Standards!

    Why do students need to learn computer science? Well, let’s start with the numbers. According to the Code.org website, there are 4,328… Read More

  • Let’s Chat about Chat Talk

    Chat Talk provides the opportunity for students to engage in silent conversations. Silent conversations allow students to take the time to consider new thoughts and… Read More

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    Empowering Students: Self-assessment with a Single Point Rubric

    Why self-assessment? Self-assessment provides students the opportunity to build awareness and reflect on what they understand and do not understand. Read More

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    Empowering Students: Utilizing Portfolios as a Self-Assessment

    Self-assessment may be one of the most overlooked super powers our students need to succeed.  When students understand the learning objectives and the standards and… Read More

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    Empowering Students: Student Feedback Teams

    In a time when we are feeling overconnected to our devices and disconnected from one another, it is immensely important to establish and foster the… Read More

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    Empowering Students: Utilizing Flipgrid for Student Feedback Teams

    Over the last month, we have discussed how students can become more engaged, self-directed, and responsible for their learning. We’ve shared ideas… Read More

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    Using Socratic Seminar in a Hybrid Environment

    Recent times have forced the landscape of our classrooms to evolve. The question I often ask myself is, “Will we ever go back?” I don’t… Read More