What’s On Our Shelves: Physical Computing Devices

What's on our shelves physical computing devices

Did you know that physical computing devices can now be searched in the GWAEA Media Library catalog? Searching for physical computing or robot demo will locate these devices instead of books about robots. Requests for these items will continue to be through a form with support from digital learning consultant, Bridget Castelluccio.

Be sure to check out the GWAEA Physical Computing Toolkit to learn more about each of the physical computing devices. While CS Ed Week 2023 has come and gone, computer science continues to be a hot topic across Iowa schools. You can find many additional resources to support computer science in your school from the Governor's STEM Advisory Council.

For further details on how to reserve physical computing devices, check out this document, or watch this demonstration video.

Want to see microbits in action and how physical computing devices can make an impact in an elementary classroom? Check out this episode of On the Road featuring GWAEA digital learning consultants!