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    AAC Awareness Month 2023 Celebrations

    October is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Awareness Month! Children and adults with severe speech or language barriers may need to find other ways… Read More

  • Grant Wood AEA Brings Core Boards to Area Playgrounds

    This year the Iowa Speech-Language Hearing Foundation awarded Grant Wood AEA SLPs $500 to purchase outdoor universal core vocabulary boards via the Bingham Innovation Award. This award allowed the… Read More

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    Supporting Students with Complex Communication Needs: Building Bridges AAC Webinar Series 2022-23

    This year long Building Bridges Webinar Series provides a variety of learning opportunities around research-based strategies to support the implementation of AAC for students with… Read More

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    Building Bridges: AAC in General Education Incorporating Peer Modeling

    Great learning opportunities occur everyday in our classrooms, but something else is happening within those four walls. Children are developing friendships and a… Read More

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    Building Bridges – From Yesterday to Today

    The "Building Bridges” Accessible and Assistive Technology Conference was founded by an AAC & Assistive Technology Consultant at Grant Wood AEA, Julie Freed (now retired). Read More