Grant Wood AEA Hearing Team Presented Bingham Innovation Award

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The mission of the Bingham Innovation Award is to stimulate speech-language pathologists’ and audiologists’ evaluation of current practices and encourage the design of new, replicable approaches to clinical services.

This year, Grant Wood AEA's hearing department were presented with the Bingham Innovation Award. Staff member Nonalee Gardner is pictured receiving the award on behalf of her colleagues. Presenting the award is Kerri Schwemm, president of the Iowa Speech Language Hearing (ISLH) Foundation.

The Grant Wood AEA team was honored this year due to their work targeting new hearing technology from the medical arena to the educational arena. Staff are delivering support services in individual sessions identified with single sided deafness. Funding received through the award will be used to purchase a ReSound Multi-Mic and cochlear remote control to continue these services.

Sessions focus on advocacy, self-determination, and building auditory and speech recognition skills.