Media Library Recommendations for October

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Grant Wood AEA Media Library has resources to help teachers and students prepare for safe and successful technology use during Digital Citizenship Week October 17-21, 2022. Find books, digital resources, and online tools to support digital learning in your classroom or library. Contact Teacher Librarian, Dianna Geers, for more resources.

What's On Our Shelves

"The Digital Citizenship Handbook for School Leaders: Fostering Positive Interactions Online" by Mike Ribble and Marty Park is based on the belief that digital citizenship requires a new kind of leadership that helps establish digital citizenship as a positive, reflective force in the lives of our children.

"Digital Citizenship in Action: Empowering Students to Engage in Online Communities" by Kristen Mattson focuses on the possibilities for students in building participatory and respectful communities online. 

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Digital Resources

With your Grant Wood AEA OneClick, you can instantly access CyberSmarts interactive digital books and resources for elementary through high school students. Grant Wood A E A One Click


Find free digital citizenship lessons and activities for kindergarten students through high school at Common Sense Education. Digital Citizenship Week, October 17-21, 2022 Help students reflect on how their digital lives impact their social and emotional well-being in three simple steps.

Media Literacy Week

Grant Wood AEA Media Library aims to support teachers and students in being savvy media consumers and creators. Check out these resources to build media literacy skills during this year’s Media Literacy Week October 24-28. For more resources or questions, contact Teacher Librarian Dianna Geers. Screen Shot 2022 09 30 at 9.50.51 AM