Welding Apprenticeship for Business Partners

Welding Apprenticeship for Business Partners

What is a High School Registered Apprenticeship Program (HSRAP)?

Registered Apprenticeship (RA) opportunities can be life-changing for high school students wanting to jump-start rewarding careers while helping employers develop a skilled early talent pipeline. Iowans are seeing the value of this “earn and learn” model that combines education and training that leads to a highly recognized national credential and a paycheck on day one.

Students begin coursework while in high school, complete valuable on the job training with a partner employer and learn key skills in a high demand career. HSRAPs create clarity on pathways to career fields, and allow students to earn while they learn and accomplish their goals. Learn more at earnandlearniowa.gov/playbook.

What You Get:

  • Qualified pool of applicants with Kirkwood Regional Center Welding Academy coursework completed (full year of college level welding training).
  • Partner employer selection of applicant(s) that best fit your needs.
  • Apprentice on site demonstrating competencies and completing assigned work for 2000 hours at a partner employer.
  • Minimum pay requirements that may be lower than starting wages.
  • Opportunity to train a workforce that fully meets your company’s needs.
  • School district provided support to assist the apprentice as needed.
  • No commitment to hire on completed apprentices.

What You Provide:

  • Mentor on site for any needed training and/or support
  • Pay at an agreed upon wage
  • Periodic evaluations of proficiency with technical and behavioral competencies

Sample Apprentice Timeline:

Junior Year Complete welding coursework at Kirkwood Regional Center.
Summer After Junior Year Begin with a partner employer full time.
Senior Year Work part time with a partner employer - specific schedules dependent upon apprentice and employer needs/availability. (ex: half day, nights, weekends, etc.)
After Graduation Continue working full or part-time with the employer until competencies are met and 2000 hours completed.


Partner Employer Engagement

  • End of January: Partner employer commits to a set number of apprentices for summer placement.
  • February - May: Partner employer interviews, selects and hires apprentice(s).
  • June - August: Apprentice(s) start full time.
  • August - December: Evaluations and program updates as needed, planning for the next round of placements.

Want to learn more or ready to get involved?

Email Jen Boyd (jboyd@gwaea.org) for more information and steps to sign up!