World Read Aloud Day is Feb 1, 2023

World Read Aloud Day 2023

Join Grant Wood AEA and others by celebrating the 13th World Read Aloud Day (WRAD). A plethora of activities and ways to engage students have been shared. Here are a few:

  • Build a Story provides story prompts for students to create their own unique story - either alone or with others - and the opportunity to read it aloud on FlipGrid.
  • Join a collaborative Padlet where participants are able to share a story that has impacted their lives.
  • Read ideas from author Kate Messner and see her list of authors willing to read aloud virtually that day.
  • Visit TeachingBooks collection of pre-recorded read-aloud titles.

Looking for something to read aloud on WRAD? Use GWAEA OneClick for instant access to thousands of books. Share them on the screen, set them up in stations, and offer them as options for students and families.