What’s On Our Shelves? The AI Roadmap by Dr. John Spencer

GWAEA Media Library has added John Spencer’s newly published book, The A.I. Roadmap: Human Learning in the Age of Smart Machines, available for checkout to educators in the Grant Wood AEA service area. Reserve a copy and we will deliver it to your school!

No time to read an entire book? See additional options from this author below:

Listen to John Spencer’s 24 minute podcast where he discussed using AI for scaffolds and personal supports for learners. How to Use Generative A.I. to Design Better Scaffolds and Supports

Some examples he shares include:

  • Breaking down tasks for those who struggle with executive function
  • Frontloading key vocabulary so that a student can access the learning ahead

If you prefer to read blogs or learn from video, Spencer's blog post goes into greater detail and provides access to additional learning videos to watch. Both formats are included here.

Grant Wood AEA's Media Library has additional titles related to AI! Here are a few suggestions:

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