Braille Literacy Month 2024

January is Braille Literacy Month, in honor of the birthday of Louis Braille, who was born on January 4th, 1809. Here are a few resource recommendations from Grant Wood AEA's Media Librarians to help you celebrate in 2024! The items listed below can be reserved in Grant Wood AEA's Media Library by clicking the titles below.

"All About Braille" and "The Black Book of Colors"

This is a fiction and nonfiction book pair that provides nonfiction text explaining how some read by touch and a paired fiction book.

All About Braille: Reading by Touch The Black Book of Colors: Cottin, Menena, Faría, Rosana, Amado, Elisa
"Blindness and Vision Impairment"

Provides insights into challenges faced by children suffering from visual impairments and blindness, discusses the impact of the disability on family members and friends, with facts about different types of vision problems as well as their diagnosis, treatment, and the adjustments that are required to live with them.

Blindness and Vision Impairment
"Understanding Blindness"

In this book, readers learn common symptoms and behaviors of blindness and how it affects kids at school and in relationships, and suggestions on how to be a kind and respectful friend to someone who is blind and appropriate activities kids can enjoy together.

Understanding Blindness (Understanding Disabilities): Rusick, Jessica:

Need more? Here are a few resources to further your understanding of Braille!

  • This website offers ideas to celebrate Louis Braille's birthday and even gives information on how you can learn Braille and where to find free Braille books!
  • Learn more about designing accessible learning from this blog post by the Instructional Materials Center from the Iowa Library for the Blind and Print Disabled.
  • Read about different accessible formats in this guide from the Iowa Library for the Blind and Print Disabled.