Grant Wood AEA’s Teacher Induction Consortium Reduces New Teacher Turnover

The results are in for Grant Wood Area Education Agency's teacher induction consortium for new teachers.

This initiative is the result of a partnership between Grant Wood AEA and the New Teacher Center. This program provides job-embedded professional development making new teachers more confident in their roles.

A case study recently published by the Economic Mobility Catalog provides data on the success of this program. Since launching:

  • 82% of beginning teachers who participated in this consortium remained in their roles for at least five years compared to a statewide average of 69%.
  • 50,000 students have been served by teachers who have participated in the induction consortium.
  • 94% of first and second year teachers participating reported feeling quite or extremely confident in implementing effective teaching strategies for every student.

More information and testimonials can be found on the catalog's website.