Get Ready to Advocate: School Counselor Week 2024

National School Counseling Week (#NCSW24) is an ultimate opportunity for advocacy! It’s a time to shine a light on the work school counselors do and the difference they make with students, schools, and systems. We know our role can sometimes be misunderstood and under-appreciated, so sharing a little about our work is a way to have a positive effect on perceptions. However, time is a precious resource, and it can be hard to find time to plan. Hopefully this resource can be helpful, as it lays out several ideas, complete with links, so preparation is minimal.

Ten Ways to Celebrate NSCW

1. Incorporate these daily messages about NSCW into your school’s daily announcements. Or, use them to create videos to post on your school’s social media.

2. Send a note of thanks to staff members, parents, administrators or other stakeholders that have been especially supportive of your program. Or, use this certificate of appreciation (or create one of your own on Canva).

3. Share some facts about your program. This could really be any data related to your role. Ideas could include:

  • Number of core curriculum/whole group sessions you’ve done this year
  • Number of students you’ve delivered core curriculum/whole group sessions to so far this year (get out your calculators: # of classes X # of students in each class)
  • Number of individual sessions conducted
  • Number of small groups or students seen in small group sessions
  • Data related to annual student outcome goals
  • Data related to Use of Time Analysis
  • Check out examples of data sharing here and here.

4. Check out the daily photo challenges from ASCA, and post to your social media.

5. Use this year’s logo in your email signature for the week, or print and post throughout your office/building. Or, use these advocacy posters:

6. Involve your community by downloading this press release for use in your local newspaper, or downloading this proclamation for use by local officials.

7. Use your social media and/or ask your school or district to promote NSCW:

8. Incorporate a simple, inexpensive treat that highlights the work of school counselors and promotes your program. Check Pinterest or browse these ideas:

Fact Sheet 1: History of School Counseling (ASCA)

Fact Sheet 2: Role Statement (ASCA)

Fact Sheet 3: SC Infographic (ASCA)

9. Create a bulletin board using any of the above images, facts, or data about your school counseling program.

10. Be sure to take pictures of any NSCW activities and promote those as well!