The Future of the Workforce is Changing

The future of the workforce is changing, and with new tools and technologies developed every day, it is certainly moving at an exponential pace according to! What does this mean for educators as we equip our students for a future we can’t fully imagine? What we do know is that specific skills will be needed for success, and we can build experiences in our classrooms that allow students to develop and hone these skills.

A natural fit? Computer Science! "Will AI Replace all Coders?" by Peter H. Diamandis explores how the role of AI may change the jobs around computer science.

But while AI is changing the landscape of needed skills within programming, Steve Brown, Chief AI Officer, states: “Coding is not about a particular computer language or even about writing programs per se. It’s about cultivating a mindset of computational thinking: enhancing your ability to break down complex problems into manageable components, devising logical solutions, and thinking critically.”

A computational thinking mindset will become increasingly important as we prepare students for their AI-driven future. It's not just about programming; it's about critical thinking and preparing them to navigate and shape the future intelligently and creatively.

To get kids critically thinking about coding check out this game: Coding Game For Critical Thinking Skills

Explore predictions about the jobs of the future within the Computer Science world by following the links below. How can you spark an interest in students to show them what possibilities the future may hold?