ABC Toolkit

Accessibility, Branding and Content Creation

Our agency is a visible partner with school districts and entities around the state, and as we support teachers, administrators, and students, we also broadly share our materials and information we’ve curated and created.

These A-B-C guidelines are available to help staff abide to copyright law, branding, and accessibility best practices as they create and curate content. content creation and curation. Let's get started.


Five Simple Steps to ABC Success

In a hurry? Here are five key components of Grant Wood AEA's Accessibility, Branding and Content Creation process.

  1. Use a branded template
  2. Structure your content
  3. Add alt text to images
  4. Attribute your content
  5. Add a CC license (if needed)

Who is your audience?

There are different levels of attention required depending on the scope and reach of your content. First, think of your intended audience and use that information to help determine the ABC best practices that suite the needs of your audience. When you've identified your audience, use the ABC Audience Guide to help determine the rigor you need to apply to your materials

*Please note that all national presentations should be approved by communications.

How will you share your information?

Once you've identified your audience, look at the resources that are already available to help you provide accessible content to meet their needs. Our agency has several template materials and resources to help you create your information. Brand Central is your connection for resources.

Does your information meet agency standards?

Our staff is regularly sharing information with a variety of audiences. Info about needing common language, look and feel. Learn more in our communications checklist.

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