Custodial Support

Service Request for Custodial Support

Requesting Custodial Support from Midwest Janitorial Services

There is a new process in place for requesting support from our Midwest Janitorial Services custodial team.
Staff in all Grant Wood AEA offices should email the following AEA contacts in order to request support for any cleaning needs.

Cathy Nelson --
Lisa Becker --
Melissa Sadilek --
Molli Cunningham --
Hope Runge --
Emily Marcantonio --
Connie Dvorak --
Dulcie Lauritsen --
Tara Johannsen --
John Zimmerman --
Ashley Kraemer --
Donna Alger --
Jodi Flynn --

All email requests for janitorial services should include:

  • Specific location that needs service
  • Details about need, photos, etc.

These individuals will send a work order to Midwest Janitorial and will be notified when the work order has been closed.