Staff Distribution Center

Grant Wood Area Education Agency operates a Staff Distribution Center (SDC) which contains a lending library of materials, equipment and resources for agency staff to check out to use for trial with students and educators. This collection also provides Core Materials to agency staff to support the work. Twice a year, staff may make requests for items to be added to their core.

SDC Lending Library Requests

If a staff member would like to have an item added to the Staff Distribution Lending Library throughout the year they should consult with their lead and then complete the form. Once the form is completed the Core Team (made up of discipline leads) will review the request and the item will be added if approved. Loan periods may differ based on input from leads.

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Lending Library Materials are:

  • Assessment and instructional materials
  • Used less regularly by an individual
  • Higher cost items
  • Typically formal, norm-referenced assessments

Core Materials

Core materials are:

  • Professional and instructional materials that typically exclude formal, norm-referenced assessments
  • Customized for discipline groups
  • Commonly used within a discipline
  • Assigned to staff based on assignment or caseload
  • Used on a regular basis (consumable)
  • Usually designed and created by agency staff or a commercial vendor

New Staff Initial Core Request

This is completed as part of staff's onboarding to the agency.

  1. Review the resources on Initial Core Order for New Staff document - the document may be printed for reference
  2. Discuss with the Induction Coach/Mentor the items listed below that new staff will use on a regular basis in your assignment or caseload.
  3. Complete this form by August 15th to place your Core Order.
  4. Ordering will take place and staff will be notified by the SDC/Media team when items are available for pick up or can be sent to staff via van mail.

Yearly Core Requests

Twice a year staff may make requests to have items added to their Core. Staff should use items in the SDC Lending Library prior to requesting to have them in their Core if they are available and consumable items are not purchased using Core funds. Consumable items (such as markers, feathers, paper etc.) may be purchased using region or discipline funds.

  1. RAs and secretaries will be sent the Core Request form to distribute to their staff.
  2. The staff person will complete the form for EACH item being requested
  3. When the ordering window closes RAs will review the requests for approval. Staff will be notified by their RA if an item is not approved. 
  4. The final core request is reviewed with the budget by the Coordinator of Digital Learning/Media Services and Business Office. 
  5. The SDC will notify staff when an item has been processed and ready to pick up.

Core Timeline 2021-2022

Email Form Form
RA Approval Staff Receives
Order 1 9/20/21 10/4/21 10/8/21 10/15/21 November
Order 2 2/7/22 2/21/22 2/25/22 3/4/22 March-April

Returning Core Materials

If staff are leaving the agency or changing positions and need to turn in Core they will need to turn in materials to the SDC.

  1. Staff will be emailed a list of materials that will need to be returned.
  2. Materials will need to be returned 2 weeks prior to the last day of employment.
  3. Materials will be checked in, inspected, and stored for new hires.

If you have questions, please contact a member of the SDC/Media Center Team.

Important contacts

Staff Directory
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Emily Marcantonio

Library Associate/SDC Lead

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Emily Burns

Library/SDC Associate

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Erin Musser

Library/SDC Associate

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