Advanced Behavioral Assessments: Preference Assessments

Advanced Behavior Assessments Professional Learning Opportunity Grant Wood A E A

Advanced Behavioral Assessments: Preference Assessments

This workshop provides information on the direct assessment measure of preference assessments. Assessing student preferences assists in developing behavior intervention plans for students who display behavioral challenges at school. Five types of research-based preference assessment protocols will be explored.

Preference assessments that will be taught and practiced include:

  • Free Operant Preference Assessment
  • Single Stimulus Preference Assessment
  • Paired Stimulus Preference Assessment
  • Multiple Stimulus with Replacement
  • Multiple Stimulus without Replacement.

The day will include an introduction and practice with each assessment, including how to collect data and how to choose which assessment to use with students. Participants should plan to fully attend and complete all activities.

Date: Sept 27, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. (Alternative section available April 19, 2022)

Location: GWAEA 33rd Avenue Facility

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