Building More Student Engagement and Access with Bookshare: Building Bridges 2022

Building More Student Engagement with Bookshare Building Bridges (1)

For students who might have print disabilities, paper-based books can be difficult or even impossible to read. While students are receiving instruction in decoding and working on improving their reading skills, they will still need immediate access to printed materials at their grade level to gain more advanced vocabulary and concepts for them to fully engage in classroom conversations about content.

Bookshare is one tool that can help provide greater academic access for students. It offers an extensive library of books that are provided in different formats (enlarged text, audio text, Braille) to help students access the same reading material that their peers have. Bookshare is completely free to school districts and students who have print disabilities.

Want to get inspired? This story demonstrates the power of Bookshare in accessible learning!

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If you have any questions or would like more information on Bookshare, please contact your GWAEA building consultant or Kelli Robertson, Grant Wood AEA Accessibility Lead.