The Regulator Tool: Autism Level Up

The Regulator Tool Autism Level Up Building Bridges
May, being Mental Health Awareness Month, is a great time to highlight wellness activities that make learning accessible to all students! The ability to discover and know what tools help students feel regulated during the day can be key to individual wellbeing and feeling engaged in learning and work.
The folks at Autism Level Up have tools to help neurodivergent students reflect on what helps them and what they like for regulation - allowing more voice, choice, and self-evaluation to empower students with knowing what they need. What regulates one person may dysregulate another. Note: Our bodies are all different, so it's important to individualize regulation tools to make sure they are the right match for each person.
Grant Wood AEA's Autism team wanted to highlight The Regulator Tool from Autism Level Up. They put all the information an educator may want to know in this handy blog post that contains an informative video.