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Grant Wood AEA Personalized Playlist

This micro-credential serves as the welcome and introduction to a Personalized Playlist to earn re-licensure credit in Iowa. A Grant Wood AEA Personalized Playlist is an opportunity for participants to combine 15+ hours of micro-credential learning for license renewal credit. This is the minimum number of hours required for relicensure credit (15). Participants will write a learning plan, set a goal, actively engage and participate in the learning, and produce a culminating project and a written reflection to showcase learning. Please note that ALL interactions, reflections, surveys, and checks-for-understanding are required as part of engagement in a Personalized Playlist. Participants will have up to 1 year (365 days) to complete the learning and projects to gain credit.

Intended Audience: Pre-K—12 educators, teacher leaders, administrators, instructional coaches, support staff, and/or AEA staff seeking license renewal credit or personalized learning opportunities

Approximate time needed: 1 hour

Registration for this course is closed. Please check back fall 2024!


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