2022-2023 Grant Opportunities

2022 2023 Computer Science Grant Opportunities
The Iowa Department of Education has announced grants for this school year. Click on the links below to read specifics on each grant.

1️⃣ Computer Science Curriculum and Professional Development Grants (CS&PD)

  • Up to $50,000 for computer science curriculum and teacher training material from approved list for each district
  • Equipment may be covered as well when associated with selected curriculums
  • Teacher stipends and substitute pay may be included
  • Awarded by priority of needs, then first-come, first-served basis

2️⃣ SCRIPT Workshop Grants

  • Funding available for SCRIPT support through local Area Education Association
  • Initial SCRIPT workshop or other supports including networks, CS in practice, in district work, and more
  • Includes sub pay or stipend
  • Rolling basis of application

3️⃣ Computer Science Professional Development Incentive Fund (Incentive Fund)

This year there are two separate application forms for educator endorsements and district professional development. Districts may apply to either or both grants.

Educator endorsements:

  • Allowance for tuition and textbooks
  • Application closes May 31, 2023 on rolling basis for approval
  • Educator choice of program
  • No limit of number of teachers in a district

District professional development:

  • Propose a project based on district needs
  • Application closes on November 4, 2022
  • Awarded based on quality of grant application, established need and availability of funds

If you have any questions about grant opportunities, email Corey or Bridget.