Announcing: Grant Wood AEA Personalized Playlists and Micro-credentials!

Announcing Personalized Playlists and Micro credentials!

What are micro-credentials?

This summer, a diverse group of 40+ GWAEA educators came together to begin creating content for personalized learning called micro-credentials. This team has worked hard and is excited to share the current library of over 35 published micro-credentials with you. These can be used in a variety of ways individually, in small groups, or on a larger scale. The possibilities are endless in this unique learning opportunity for LEAs and Agency staff!

Find out more at, visit the FAQ page, or email

What are personalized playlists?

A GWAEA Personalized Playlist is an opportunity for participants to combine 15+ hours of micro-credential learning for license renewal credit. Participants will write a learning plan, set a goal, actively engage and participate in the learning and produce a culminating project and a written reflection to showcase learning. Participants will have up to one year to complete the learning and culminating projects to gain credit.

Find out more at, visit the FAQ page, or email