Pear Deck Back to School Blog: 2023

Pear Deck Back to School Blog

Pear Deck is for ALL Iowa Educators

As a reminder, Iowa's AEAs sponsor statewide access to Pear Deck, giving every Iowa educator access to a premium account! Here are some helpful resources and upcoming opportunities to get the best use out of this tool.

For those who don't know, here's a quick introductory video that explains Pear Deck.

Become a Pear Deck pro in upcoming learning sessions

Monthly Synch Sessions

This monthly sync is intended to create a space to answer any and all Pear Deck related questions. In these syncs, Brittany, from the Pear Deck team, will use the time to cover Pear Deck updates, dive into features, and highlight teachers in the state of Iowa. This is for Iowa educators to learn more about Pear Deck, but also to get your questions answered. To add your question or topic to the agenda complete this form prior to the sync session!

On Demand Webinars Pear Deck: Basics and Beyond

In this on-demand webinar, learn how to create interactive lessons, achieve 100% student engagement, and add formative assessments and polls. Plus, we’ll dive deeper into the advanced features of Pear Deck, explore student-paced mode, and more.

Additional Resources

Resources for expanding your knowledge:

Resources for implementation of Pear Deck:

Resources from your AEAs: