New Book Sets Available, January 2024

Our Boxed Book collection has an upgrade! Staff this fall worked to transfer the Boxed Book collection into longer-lasting blue totes, update labels with cover images, and reorganize the collection by title. Stop by in-person to browse, or take a look at our catalog and ship a blue box to your school – check out these directions to learn more. 

New book sets are available in our media library!

Creekfinding: A True Story

This heartening tale of an ecosystem restored in northeast Iowa unfolds in a way that will charm and inform young readers who are drawn to a good mystery, the wonders of nature - and, of course, big earth-moving machines.

Available in a 10 book kit and in MackinVIA eBook. 💡 TIP: if you are already logged into MackinVIA through GWAEA OneClick, this link will automatically open up.

image of Creekfinding a True Story cover The Iowa connection goes beyond the location of the lost creek. Author Jacqueline Briggs Martin, also the author of Snowflake Bentley, and illustrator Claudia McGehee, both reside in Iowa.

Picture books aren't just for elementary learners! This book was added to our collection after a request from an eighth grade science teacher who uses this picture book to learn about human impacts on the environment.

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Indigenous People Picture Books

This 20-book set includes a variety of picture books featuring Indigenous authors and stories. Some of the titles are bilingual; Forever Our Home = Kâkikê Kîkinaw by Tonya Simpson, provides text in both Plains Cree and English as well as pictures, and celebrates the plants and animals of the Midwest plains.

Other titles are fables, such as Who Will Win? by Arihhonni David. In this Mohawk tale, a grandfather tells a young girl a story of a clever turtle who outwits a brown bear in a race across a frozen lake. image of 20 picture books in the Indigenous People Picture Books set