Big Update to the AEA Professional Learning Registration System!

An Easier Way to Register for AEA Courses is on the Horizon!

An Easier Way to Register for AEA Courses is on the Horizon!

Iowa’s AEAs are collaborating to move to a new registration system for our professional learning courses. We’ve heard your feedback — you need an easier way to find, register and pay for courses. Stay tuned as we work to bring you a new system!

What does this mean for me? 

A new and improved interface and experience! It will be easier to navigate and locate learning opportunities.

What about my course history and transcripts? 

We are working with our current vendor to import each person’s course history into the new system. There’s nothing you need to do at this time!

In the coming months, there will be ongoing communication about the new system. If you have any questions, contact your AEA’s Professional Learning Office.

What does this mean for courses ending by July 31, 2024?

Tentatively, courses that end by July 31 will continue to be housed on our current registration system.

What does this mean for courses going into the new professional learning system?

Participants will still be able to easily access our catalog/registration system from our agency website. Training and support will be provided for instructors.


What does this mean for courses an instructor has created in the past?

We are working to identify a process to export course data so you can easily access and re-enter course information as you teach them.

What about my instructor credentials (vita)?

Instructors’ credentials (vita) will need to be re-entered into the new system. There will be an opportunity to copy/paste and download/upload data into the new system. More information for instructors will be coming soon.