Pack Your Bags for the Future — AI, VR, and Robotics Professional Learning Opportunity

Image of robot hand

The future of work is being created now; are your students ready for it? Forecasters predict that waves of exponential technology advances will eclipse decades of breakthroughs in scale and impact over the next decade. Metatrends are the changes that drive change across all industries and revolutionize the workplace that we are equipping students to enter. Join Rachael Mann for a fast-paced, full-day workshop on how metatrends such as Artificial intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (XR), autonomous vehicles, robotics, digitized goods and services, demonetized tech, the smart economy, the changing landscape of work, and more will continue to transform the future, and what these changes mean for how we approach teaching and learning. Through a thoughtful narrative of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going, participants will discover what to pack for the future and how to unpack these important topics. Pack your bags; the future is here!

Meet the Instructor: Rachael Mann is a national authority on career and technical education and champions forward thinking in artificial intelligence and the changing landscape of work. Rachael's experience includes her work as the Network to Transform Teaching State Director, the professional learning director of STEM, and the Arizona State Director for Educators Rising. She is a founding member of the Council on the Future of Education and serves on a number of national boards that are dedicated to ensuring that kids are future ready.