Micro-Credentials: What Are They?

Micro-credentials: What are they?

Learning organizations across our nation are taking advantage of an exciting and flexible way of learning. Micro-credentials are asynchronous, virtual learning opportunities that break down instructional objectives into fundamental parts. Participants can choose elements which would most benefit their professional practice. As more micro-credentials are created, an opportunity to stack or bundle learning will allow participants to gain renewal licensure credit. Learn more by watching this video! tinyurl.com/GWMCs

We Need Your Help!

Grant Wood AEA is seeking qualified, skillful and eager staff members to support the development and curation of content for micro-credentials. 

We are looking for 40 diverse specialty staff members across content areas and specialties to come together in June or July for a three-day workshop. Staff members have the opportunity to work independently or partner up to create content for at least 20 micro-credentials. Staff will choose three dates out of six for their scheduling convenience. The course is titled GW - Micro Credential Content Creation Workshop (Course # 203121) and will be open for up to 40 participants to register from March 1 - June 1, 2022.

Where to Start

A one-hour learning opportunity has been designed for anyone interested in or curious about creating content for Micro-credentials. This experience is designed with content creator tips and mimics the types of engaging experiences we are looking to replicate for our participants. As you work through completion of this learning, begin thinking about various sources of content you may use and begin to curate for your micro-credential. Templates for content curation, slide decks, and expectations around best practice have also been developed for consistency and predictability in content development.

After your micro-credential is created, the slide deck will be submitted to mc@gwaea.org. From there, content will be evaluated for alignment to a set of quality criteria to ensure best practices and current research has been met. A resubmission may be requested after feedback is provided.

Micro-credential Content Needs 

It is important to our agency to meet a variety of content needs from both LEA and AEA personnel. We believe it is also important to build a strong foundation of pedagogy which is enhanced with tools and resources. 

The following list of examples of needs is not exhaustive and more topics can certainly be added to the options. Please consider contributing to these efforts as a content creator.

IEP 101 Effective Teams Feedback Teacher Clarity Dyslexia 101
Social/Emotional Learning UDL Analyzing Data Blended Learning Unwrapping Standards
Accessibility, Branding,Content Differentiation Visible Learning Equity Proficiency Scales
Classroom Behavior 101 PLCs Building Blocks Classroom Routines Standards Based Grading
Classroom Management Coding Accelerated Learning ELL Supports Growth Mindset
Tools / Resources
LMS (Seesaw) AEA Online Resources Desmos uPAR Google Docs/Sheets
LMS (Canvas) Screencasting Ed Puzzle Flipgrid Google Slides / Forms
Google Drive Pear Deck 101 Google Classroom/Sites Google Calendar/Email Google Efficiency / Functionality


Staff who participate in this content curation will be eligible to receive up to three added days pay for each full-day work session attended on non-contract time (up to 5.5 hours of additional pay per session). No added days will be available for partial day attendance. Please choose three of the following added days by filling out this form. After March 1, you can find the registration on the PL site under course #203121. 

In person at the 6th Street facility on three of the following dates: Monday, June 13; Tuesday, June 14; Wednesday, June 15; Tuesday, July 12; Wednesday, July 13; Thursday, July 14, 2022. All dates will be 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m and should be non-contract calendar dates. 


Contact mc@gwaea.org to learn more, or visit www.gwaea.org/mc