Computer Science is Everywhere: Try it in Your Content

Hour of Code is coming... Celebrate computer science everywhere
Computer Science Education Week ( is celebrated the first week of December to help promote computer science amongst students, parents, communities and organizations.


Resources Organized by Content Area

In 2019, Grant Wood AEA encouraged students to change the world with Computer Science as inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We organized Hour of Code activities that could be

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 integrated into content areas (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Music, Media & Art). These are still great resources to use if you're planning an activity for your classroom or for a specific content area in your building.

Plan Your Activity in 3 Quick Steps

Looking to plan an Hour of Code event to celebrate CS Ed Week in 2021? Here are three quick steps to make planning your event easy:
  1. Register your 2021 Hour of Code at
  2. Plan your event using this template designed for integrating CS into content area activities.
  3. Explore our resources & select an activity for your content area. Here are resources designed for integrating CS into content areas:

(Please note: Some resources reference workshops and professional development opportunities that are no longer available.)

Please visit our dedicated computer science and CS Ed Week pages for additional information.

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About the Authors:

Corey Rogers (she/her) is a digital learning consultant at Grant Wood Area Education Agency. She has experience as a middle school STEM & computer science teacher, media specialist, and school improvement consultant. Corey is passionate about bringing computer science to all students in Iowa and serves as president of the CSTA Iowa Chapter. You can contact Corey at

Bridget Castelluccio is a digital learning consultant at Grant Wood Area Education Agency. She has over 20 years of experience as an early childhood and elementary educator. Bridget believes the future of education involves enhancing best instructional practices with digital innovation and integration to make an impact on student learning, engagement and empowerment. You can contact Bridget at