Building Bridges

Welcome to the Building Bridges Accessible and Assistive Technology Conference

Building Bridges 2021 — From Surviving to Thriving

After a year of overcoming challenges and creating new opportunities, the “GWAEA Building Bridges Virtual Conference” will provide an opportunity to learn about universal design, accessible and assistive technologies (AT), instructional strategies, and services for learners ages 0-21. This conference event will serve as a unique opportunity for area professionals to gather information on the universal design, consideration, and implementation of a wide variety of learner supports and tools. Join us for online learning sessions throughout the month.

Three sessions will be offered each Tuesday throughout the month of April from 4:00-5:00pm. A full schedule with Zoom links, session resources, and recordings will be sent to registered participants.

Sessions Will Include:
  • A Path to Communication & Language Access
  • Tools to Support English Learners and Their Families
  • More than a Feeling… The Impact of Anxiety & Executive Function Challenges on Learning and Helpful Accommodations for All Students
  • Rethinking Use of the uPAR as a Guiding Informational Tool within MTSS
  • Building Blocks to AAC Implementation
  • Dyslexia: Facts, Instruction & Tools to Support Students
  • Built-In Accessibility Features on Chromebooks
  • Beyond Sensory Rooms: Addressing the Movement Needs of Students at School
  • Using the SDI Framework with Significant Disability Students in Math (an overview)
  • Peer to Peer: Providing Social Access for ALL Kids
  • Chrome Extensions to Support Accessibility and Universal Design
  • Integrating Tools into Lesson Design for All Students

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Course Number 200962 GW – GWAEA Building Bridges Virtual Conference: From Surviving to Thriving
Note: Even if you unable to attend all of the sessions live still register because links to the resources and recordings will show up in your inbox.

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Building Bridges Schedule

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