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  • The Pear Deck Handbook is a self-paced digital resource for teachers who are looking to learn more about Pear Deck.

  • The Google Handbook is a beginner’s guide to getting started with common Google apps.

  • The Continuous Learning Field Guide was developed to support educators with extending learning beyond brick and mortar district buildings and can be incorporated effectively within classroom walls as needed.

  • Get the resources you need to start using Seesaw in your classroom today, and learn more about Grant Wood AEA’s discount pricing for Seesaw for Schools.

  • Read blog posts from the digital learning team.

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The Digital Learning Team offers PD on demand through the medium of podcasting!

The Edtech Take Out features a variety of great guests and topics that are centered around teaching with digital tools.

In Divergent by Design, we talk about instruction, edtech tools, and classroom practices through the lens of the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines.

The EdTech Take Out

Divergent by Design

Blended Learning becomes Transformative Classrooms

Student engagement is a current and growing challenge in today’s classrooms. Research supports the idea that student engagement leads to students who are more invested in their learning. However, activating your learners can feel insurmountable. Transformative Classrooms addresses this need by providing tools and strategies to help build a more collaborative learning community through engaging instruction. 

Transformative Classrooms is organized into three large tenets: 

  • Collaborative Learning Communities
  • Engaging Instruction 
  • Self-Directed Learners

Transformative Classrooms: Click for Google documentA copy of the tenets of Transformative Classrooms can be found here.

Transformative Classrooms training works to personalize professional development for teachers. Building on the existing classroom foundation, teachers use the tenets of Transformative Classrooms to self-assess and identify a specific problem in their classroom. To solve this problem, teachers collaborate with GWAEA Transformative Classrooms coaches to explore strategies and begin a goal setting and reflection cycle. 

By tailoring learning to meet teachers’ strengths and needs, teachers experience the power of personalized learning while applying the process to their own classroom. Transformative Classrooms training works to shift the focus to the learners by providing choice in the ways that learning occurs and elevating the learners voice throughout the process. 

We offer several options for school districts, buildings or small groups of teachers or individuals. Recertification credit options are available for each of these options.

Please email Mindy Cairney or Beth Swantz for more information on Transformative Classrooms at Grant Wood AEA.