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The Maker Movement has started to change the role of students from consumers to creators. Empowering our students to become designers and engineers has opened up an endless amount of possibilities. The Makerspace isn’t just a place. It’s a mindset. For more ideas and inspiration, check out our video series below.

Think, Make, Innovate

Free Multimedia Resources for the Classroom

The websites below link to free multimedia resources that teachers and students can use in the classroom. Some of the media will not need an attribution while others demand it, so please check the license terms for everything you intend to use and if in doubt, cite your sources anyway. It's the right thing to do!

As with any website you use with students, we strongly encourage you to preview these sites before using them at school. Our team looked at all of these websites before adding them to this list, but are fully aware that new media will be added and updated to many of them over time, and we will not be able to monitor the content of these sites, so please use caution and let us know if you have questions.

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Image Sites

Audio Sites

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