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iHub Biology: A new three-dimensional open educational resources (OER) high school curriculum

AEA service area are exploring how to teach science differently using the inquiry hub … biology curriculum. High school science teachers from the Alburnett

Meeting Core Instruction: Integrating Science and Literacy

Integrating Science and Literacy March 11… communicate their growing understanding of science concepts Instructors… Grant Wood AEA science and literacy consultants Target Audienc

VAST Academy Classes, 2019-2020

Grant Wood AEA Van Allen Science Teacher Center
Register now for the Van Allen Science Teaching Center …depth understanding of a specific science unit. These classes are held at Grant Wood A

Blending FOSS: Science Learning in K-5 Classrooms

Science Learning in K…ps needed to launch blended practices in the science classroom. The focus is on identifying best …practices in science teaching instructional experiences

Playground of Science

Playground of Science Thursday…Playground of Science Computer Science and ROTC Clubs will lead the fun. The event …Learn more and RSVP on the Coe Playground of Science website.

What's new on FOSSweb?

please email the Grant Wood AEA Van Allen Science Teaching Center … please email the Grant Wood AEA Van Allen Science Teaching Center

Grant Wood AEA's Digitarium

as well as science classes. Students used the planetarium as pa… as well as the 7th grade Planetary Science curricula. Teachers are required to att

MINK Collaborative: Supporting Science Educators

Supporting Science Educators …state collaborative designed to support science educators on a journey to implement three

STARLAB Planetarium Inservice

Saturday Oct. 6, 2018
student concepts related to Earth and Space Science Core Ideas. Different cylinders available fo

VAST Academy Professional Learning Opportunities

g Opportunities The Grant Wood AEA Van Allen Science Teaching Academy … Learn unit specific science content… building your capacity as a science teacher. Experience the investigations in t