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Grant Wood AEA's College for Kids Begins Its 30th Year

Grant Wood Area Education Agency is marking its 30th year of bringing college experiences to local middle school students this summer as College for Kids begins its 30th year of course offerings in Cedar Rapids.

Grant Wood AEA Professional Development Courses and Workshops

Grant Wood Area Education Agency offers opportunities for professional learning to enhance professional skills and practices to improve student learning.

Expanding Expressive Language Workshop

Frustrated with receiving one-word answers when asking students to describe objects, items, events or vocabulary? This simple multisensory program will boost oral and written language expression using a hands-on, structured approach to describing and defi…

Fox 28/CBS2's "Pay It Forward" Recognizes RCRV/GWAEA Partnership

Ann Griffin and Dave Knuth, president of RCRV, receive recognition from Fox 28/CBS2's Pay It Forward with Impact.
CBS2 news introduces individuals who Pay It Forward wi

Flexible Learning Environments: Student Personalized Learning Scenario

The Student Personalized Learning System is a way to deliver content to students in a flexible manner.
cently accepted an internship at the local news station. During the weekday mornings sh… Spend time at the news station working on projects as assignedFrida

28 Days of OLLIE

AEA PD Online's 28 Days of OLLIE: Powering Up Personalized Learning